Welcome to the world of  Velcro Mindset!!

The National Release Date for our new CD, "In The Wrong Room",  was Tuesday, December 18th 2012.
Click on the MUSIC button to download it today! 

We will be taking time in the Summer and Fall of 2013 to finish some songs for the next CD. Stop back by to check on live shows.     

Here is a link to an interview with Warped Magazine.


 Our recent feature at Kit21.com

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Our songs have just been selected for airplay on Earbits Radio! We will update and post once our songs have been divided into the proper channels for you to stream.

Our new CD is now being delivered to radio stations worldwide!    http://www.radiosubmit.com/rs/velcromindset/

We just received our very first airings report for our commercial trailer.
These are the networks that we were aired on: BET, Fuel, Fuse, LogoHD, MTV, MTV2, VH1, and NUVO. 

Our music will be added to their program on 09/24/2013    9pm (PST) www.radioriff.com

Feature at http://captainsib.com/podcasts-2/theshow/episode-67/